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ŸŸ People meet n then get apart bt da fact is he leaves behind de sweet memories which can nvr b forgotten. So I’m here to say lets make a sweet memory.
I hv no poem to write like poets do bt can say a line in which I truly belive n tht is everlasting relation is frnship. Its like a music in our heart which stays with us every time smtimes its on the lips n at the other time in our heart.
∂∂ Music my passion this every body says but its true tht one is alone with out music n so am i.
I hav only music left in my life n thts only my frnd left. People come n go but ¶¶music remain. Im alone bt nt lonely
Im lost bt not incomplete u wnt to knw y
Music is my frnd which completes me. So I say I love music in every way
U can call me ryth it means a jwellry worn by the bride.
I love to sing n traveell. Traveling bcz it gives me opportunity to meet different people. I love to make frnz and therefore im here. Will u b’come my frnd?

Some one is alone , some one is lonely
Hold his hand, hold his hand
Give him a reason…
A reason to smile
Smile to live a new life
Smile to meet people
With a big heart to accept da world..
World which is cruelSHe said "I'll love you till I die",
he told her"You'll forget in time"
As the years went slowly by,
he still preyed upon his mind

SHe kept his picture on her wall,
went half-crazy now and then
SHe still loved him through it all,
hoping he'd come back again

Kept some letters by her bed
dated nineteen sixty-two
SHe had underlined in red
every single "I love you"

I went to see her just today,
oh but I didn't see no tears
All dressed up to go away, first time
I'd seen her smile in years

SHe stopped loving him today
They placed a wreath upon his door
And soon they'll carry him away
SHe stopped loving him today

You know,
he came to see her one last time.
Aww, 'n' we all wondered if he would.
And it kept runnin' through my mind
"this time She's over him for good."

SHe stopped loving him today
They placed a wreath upon her door
And soon they'll carry her away
SHe stopped loving him today..!!
but will miss him alwazz....!!

Bt sweet smile is a medicine
Love a cure for cruelty…